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Wexley by Mojo Moxy1

Wexley by Mojo Moxy

As in previous periods, and these were in style platform shoes and high heels, on behalf of that, pointing out the new versions are coming from Mojo Moxy and call them Wexley. Attractive shoes made in three colours: red, black and brown.

Novice by Privileged2

Novice by Privileged

Distinctive style of sandals left by Newbie Privileged. Something unusual is planned daring women who adore to try out their looks. Dosputne in three shades, with a platform height of 6 inches.

Sin City - Gold Glitter Viva Bordello1

Sin City – Gold Glitter Viva Bordello

You wish to look glamorous and tempting, that time you are on the appropriate track if your selections are these lovely shoes Sin Urban area – Gold Radiance Viva Bordello. Sin Urban area brings you a brilliant, glossy and gold sequins and heel height 6 inches. You merely have to use them correctly.

Cipriana - Banana Yellow Jessica Simpson1

Cipriana – Banana Yellow Jessica Simpson

Cipriana sandals by Jessica Simpson are spicy colors and geometric forms, and it is onol you will definitely like it. Shoes have modifiable band. Shoes are made of leather and could be bought for around $ ONE HUNDRED.

Biggest Little City by Viva Bordello2

Biggest Little City by Viva Bordello

In hues of blue and purple arrives new Largest Little City females shoes by Viva Bordello. Shoes could be purchased at a cost of concerning $ 150 for both. All those women who follow the fashion trend news and be in your collection to consist of shoes and one set of this.